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About the Author

About Ed Stein, award-winning cartoonist and author of Comet Boy

Published onJan 05, 2022
About the Author

In 1978 Ed Stein gave up his lifelong dream of becoming a superhero. Realizing that he couldn’t fly, but that he could draw, he joined the staff of the Rocky Mountain News as its editorial cartoonist.

This proved to be a good career move. His drawings were syndicated to hundreds of daily newspapers by United Media and later by Universal UClick, and he won a bunch of awards for his work.

From 1997 to 2008 he drew Denver Square, a daily comic strip about life in the Mile High city. When the News ceased publishing in 2009 he reimagined the strip as Freshly Squeezed, which appeared in 65 newspapers during the four years he drew it.

Stein is a former president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He lives in the Denver with his wife, Lisa Hartman. His kids, Gabriel and Natasha, are off doing whatever grown children do.

When not writing and drawing, Stein spends his time practicing his takeoffs and landings.

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